Here's just a small sampling of what the rivers in our area have to offer:

Clark Fork River

The longest and most diverse river in the area with over 150 miles of floatable fishing water.  It's pretty easy to avoid other boats here and have a section all to yourself.  Prospecting with a large dry fly as well as a dry/dropper rig will produce fish even when they are not rising to eat a specific hatch.

Blackfoot River

Arguably the most scenic river west of the continental divide and my personal favorite to fish most of the year.  A great dry fly and streamer river with lots of pocket water, eddies, deep runs and even whitewater.  One trip down any stretch of this amazing river will make you realize why anglers return every season to fish here.


Bitterroot River

A meandering, braided river in a big valley with great views.  What's not to love?  Known for it's dry fly fishing and prolific stonefly and mayfly hatches.  This river can be fantastic in the right conditions.  Some of the best fishing days ever are had here.....also some of the slowest.  Don't let the slow periods get you down, just be prepared to pull over, crack a beverage and wait for it to turn on. 

Missouri River

The only true tailwater near Missoula.  Known as the worlds largest spring creek, it boasts some very high fish counts and is a favorite among many anglers.  Just east of the continental divide, the Missouri has a dramatically different feel from the Missoula freestone rivers.  Generally, smaller bugs, bigger rainbows and browns and a bit more traffic on the water.


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